Friday, May 25, 2012

First Post

September 11, 1857

My name is Isabelle Barton Waters, but everybody calls me Belle. I received this little red notebook today for my 14th birthday as a gift from my mother. I live in Deseret with my parents, Erastus and Mary Caroline Waters, my four brothers, Noah, Jonah, Uriah and Edward and my one sister, Sadie.

Although it sounds like my family numbers just eight people including myself, there are actually nineteen children in total in our household, and twenty-five people in all, counting Father's four other wives. Soon, there will be even more, since two babies are expected in the next few weeks and two more a few months hence.

It seems that somebody is always having a baby around here. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be a mother? I don't much care for the idea, since watching the children is a wearying task and I have done quite a bit of that already.

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