Friday, May 25, 2012

Mountain Meadows

September 14, 1857

I thought perhaps I would write entries in my journal once a week, but something has happened. Even though I wrote in here just a few days ago, I feel the need to get it down while the facts are fresh in my mind.

It all started when Suzannah and Phoebe, two of Momma's sister-wives, stumbled into the kitchen, holding onto Coralee who was crying. Coralee was once my best friend, but now she is Father's fifth wife, a situation that has put a strain on our friendship.

As I mentioned, Coralee was crying, and this was because of what had just happened. Suzannah and Phoebe said some soldiers forced Coralee to talk, to admit that they were all married to the same man. To Father.

The soldiers arrived in Salt Lake just a day or two ago. Father says they are here because the government is accusing us of attacking some wagon trains up at Mountain Meadows. They say the attack occurred on September the 11th, the same day as my birthday.

Father says that over one hundred twenty people were killed at Mountain Meadows. He says that Brigham Young at first blamed the Indians, then said that he had asked the Indians to attack the wagon trains for us.

Father says he doesn't know what to believe any more, and neither do I. Brigham Young is the Prophet, and we should be able to trust what he says. Momma has had her doubts about Brother Brigham for some time, though. I've overheard her talking to Father about that. Well, "talking" isn't quite the right word. More like quarreling!

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